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Research & Development
Research & Development
This section addresses the planning of design and development of products with the view to meet the customerís new requirement, different application condition and also to optimize the existing design so as to result into an improved product performance in application and /or minimize the manufacturing losses.
Company has established an ultra modern R & D center in 6000 Sq.ft. area with an investment of about Rs.15 million for enhancement in reliability of insulator in service condition. Eminent scientists in the field of High Voltage Engineering and Material science are working together assisted by Ph D / M Sc qualified Physicist and Chemist on regular basis. Major R & D project include development of ultra high voltage AC and DC (UHVAC and UHVDC).
The design and developmental activities are of the categories:
Δ  Design from concept to product

Δ  Design as per customerís technical specification

Δ  Design as per customerís product drawing with technical specification
The design and development inputs such as size, creepage, strength, application condition, fitment details and / or product design are received from the customers and product can be made as per these specifications.

Design is evolved based on the mechanical stresses in bending / tensile / torsion / compression / bursting strength requirement of the product.

Shed profile and number of shed is designed based on creepage / pollution performance requirement/height limitation specified by the customer.

Design inputs also include National and International Standards on insulator/cement/metal part fitments, material test data established and studies conducted within the plant by R&D, process capability of production machineries and other test reports from suppliers.

The design and development output is the product drawing complete with the bill of material and fitment details, guaranteed technical parameters (GTP) as per applicable standard or as specified by the customer indicating the tolerances, routine nondestructive test condition, mechanical strength and electrical type tests values as product acceptance criteria.

The routine tensile load / bending load / bursting pressure tests conducted on each of the product as nondestructive routine test is taken as Ďsafe and proper working conditioní during application.

Type tests are conducted both in-house as well as in national / international laboratories as a proof of design performance either for internal verification of design (Category A) / or for contractual obligation.

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