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Prathamesh Ceramics pvt. ltd.
Prathamesh Ceramics pvt. ltd.
Prathamesh Ceramics pvt. ltd.
Environment, Health & Safety
Protection of the environment is the key for healthy atmosphere. We ensure to help the organization in managing this social and global responsibility. Cleanliness at work place, office premises, machines, equipments etc shall be important aspect of our day to day activity. Our goal is to be zero accidents and zero environmental issues in terms of emissions, wastages and those shall be within permissible limits, if any.

We believe safety as a good business, Personal safety, industrial safety, equipment safety, product safety and customer safety are important aspects for us.
We are responsible for our employees’ safety as well as of others. We trained our employees to follow safety measures which avoid accidents or unsafe activities.

We believe that our employee is not only our profit making stone but he must be a part of our family where we are having a culture to respect for people’s health and safety, for an economic use of resources and for a natural and clean environment are basic principles of our business policy.

We develop and manufacture products that are safe, eco-friendly and economical. Our products enhance people’s safety and reduce burdens to the environment, also during their subsequent recycling and disposal.

We review our processes and our behavior on a regular basis, just as we measure their effects on people and on the environment. This is how we identify weak points and potential for improvement and ensure the effectiveness of our program for work safety and protection of people’s health and the environment.

We design processes to ensure that – wherever economically feasible - people’s health and safety have priority and that effects on the environment are kept to a minimum. We are prepared to cope with emergencies. This is also the spirit in which we cooperate with suppliers of goods and services.
We are:
Δ  Complying with applicable EHSQ (Environmental, Occupational Health, Safety and     Quality) legislation and other requirements to which we subscribe;

Δ  Eliminating, minimizing or controlling the significant environment aspects and     non-tolerable OHS hazards and risks;

Δ  Conserving natural resources in particular energy, water and key input materials by     minimizing process loss and recycling;

Δ  Preventing rather than segregating defects;

Δ  Enhancing EHSQ awareness of all our employees and involvement of     subcontractors in implementing our EHSQ management systems;

Δ  Periodically review of the adequacy and effectiveness in our ESHQ management     systems and ensure full capacity utilization of our plant.

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